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  • Monogamy Is Polygamy
    Monogamy Is Polygamy
    Women looking for Men/Family - Baker (Nevada) - September 14, 2017

    I have lived the life of polygamy for a long time. something that most people don't know that like to bash polygamy is that there is no polygamy without monogamy. Monogamy is the part of polygamy that no one understands and very rarely talks about. M...

  • Seeking a Queen
    Seeking a Queen
    Men/Family looking for Women - Atlanta (Southeast ) - September 13, 2017

    Two whole humans in quest of a whole woman to build, thrive, and share in this epic existence. Broken souls need not apply. It's absolutely acceptable for the spirits who have been bent, twisted, inside out, upside side down, and reconfigured to step...

  • Polygamy Is My Life
    Polygamy Is My Life
    Women looking for Men/Family - Scottsbluff (Nebraska) - September 9, 2017

    I was not born into a polygamist family but I was born into a very religious family. I am not mormon I am a Christian women however. I was first introduce to polygamy when I read the bible myself. Several of the prophets and wise men had many wives. ...

  • The Life I Wish To Lead
    The Life I Wish To Lead
    Women looking for Men/Family - Cleveland (Ohio) - September 4, 2017

    I was born into a home that quickly went from a 2 parent home to a single parent home with a matter of a few months after I was born. My entire life my mother went from man to man and we also went from home to home. Never having enough money to stay ...

  • Serious
    Men/Family looking for Women - San Pedro (California) - September 4, 2017

    Im a Single Male from California 40 no kids Seeking a wife to help court 2nd wife who want to build a family I run my own Business Looking to Buy a home Active, Garden, Bike, Meditate and more please lets connect!

  • I Am Polygamy
    I Am Polygamy
    Women looking for Men/Family - Bunkerville (Nevada) - September 3, 2017

    I was one those nay sayer that where totally against the idea of polygamy. I women share her husband with another woman? and them all being friends? ok yeah right that can't possibly work Well after many failed relationships and them all ended the ex...

  • Really Indeed Of A Family
    Really Indeed Of A Family
    Women looking for Men/Family - Denver (Colorado) - September 2, 2017

    I have been in alot of relationships all of them ending in the same mannerism more or less. He cheated, Lied about cheating, Or just plain continuously lied and lied. I have done this over and over many times. My last few relationships ended with my ...

  • Seeking Real Love and Respect
    Seeking Real Love and Respect
    Women looking for Men/Family - Amarillo (Texas) - August 27, 2017

    I am a 3rd generation polygamist but as I grew up I decided that a "normal" "monogamous" relationship is what I wanted. And all of my many "monogamous" relationships ended the same. My Last relationship was the one that sent me back home to my mother...

  • I Have Seen The Light
    I Have Seen The Light
    Women looking for Men/Family - Hot Springs (South Dakota) - August 14, 2017

    I have never been married I have have enough boyfriends from the age of lets say about 14 to now and all of them have pretty much been the same. They have lied cheated and lied and cheated some more. Now at my age in my early 30 a friend of my that I...

  • Husband And Sisterwive/s Wanted
    Husband And Sisterwive/s Wanted
    Women looking for Men/Family - Rexburg (Idaho) - August 13, 2017

    I am divorced I am i my mid 30's I have 1 child from my marriage. I have only been married once but I have had many boyfriend relationships since. After all my failed relationships going through lie after cheat after lie I came have come to polygamy ...

  • Stability for Me
    Stability for Me
    Women looking for Men/Family - Sioux City (Iowa) - August 8, 2017

    I have been married and divorced my marriage didn't last a year. After that I have been through meaningless relationship after meaningless relationship. Boyfriend cheated, left for another women, lied to me, even had children with another women. No o...

  • In Need Of A Family
    In Need Of A Family
    Women looking for Men/Family - Little Rock (Arkansas) - August 5, 2017

    I have a lot of brothers and sisters. I grew up with my 3 sisters and 2 brother at my moms house and my 4 brothers and sister at my dads house. all of my brothers and sisters had a different mother and father. I love having a big family. But having a...