Seeking a Queen Atlanta

Published date: September 13, 2017
  • Location: Atlanta, Southeast , United States

Two whole humans in quest of a whole woman to build, thrive, and share in this epic existence. Broken souls need not apply. It's absolutely acceptable for the spirits who have been bent, twisted, inside out, upside side down, and reconfigured to step up. We value those who've taken the cards dealt to them and used them as fertilizer to nourish the green, wild pastures from which to grow.

Our life is beautiful, evolving, and purely magic. If this describes the life you, too, are (open) to creating and living, then we are your star-aligned family.

To be clear: we are seeking a wife, a queen, another equal partner to complete the puzzle. Random hookups and scarce mindsets can swipe past our profile. We are about that prosperous life!

I am/aspire to be: A sacred woman, compassionate, at peace with myself. Intuitive, wise, and humble. Empathetic, generous, affectionate, as well as free-spirited, expressive, and creative.

In a world of similar things, we gain impetus through divergence. Not for the sake of being different, but for the audacity to be who we are meant to be and so much more.

Want to know more, check me out on IG @iamashleykapri

We are in quest of Chiasa, does she exist? I know she does! And she is the most skilled mathematician, as she knows how to add and multiply abunance in her life. She is an alchemist who can manifest whatever she desires, turning lead into pure gold. And she left this message:

"It was you, then, who brought my heart to him. it was your words, your feelings, your impressions, descriptions, experiences with him. I fell in love with you first. Then I fell in love with him. It all happened in that order. So yes, that makes me second, when I am used to winning first place and being number one.

Number two is not less. You are right, it is addition, not subtraction. One is first and two is the next number over, but two is more than one. It makes one stronger. So here we are with no shame and no sin committed. I am so grateful you have accepted me. Inshallah over time, you will enjoy me genuinely. "

(An excerpt taken from the book Midnight and the Meaning of Love, by Sister Souljah)

So yes, we are searching for a loving woman to join our family as an equal and cherished wife, and we know she, too, is searching for us.

Age: 31
Body: athletic
Height: 5'4" (162cm)
Status: married


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