A Single Mother Peoria

Published date: July 23, 2017
  • Location: Peoria, Illinois, United States

I am a single mother. I have a beautiful, very intelligent daughter that loves the out doors, loves to be active, and just enjoys being a child. My boyfriend from my last relationship left after I became pregnant unable to take care of my daughter by myself I had to come back home with my parents. I have done some research not a lot and I have decided that polygamy is for us because the stability of longevity and support is what's is so important to get through this world. I realized how foolish I was in thinking that love would help conquer all there is. But in reality respect, support, and care is what will conquer but most importantly is the only thing that can beat this society not meant for any of us to survive let alone make anything of ourselves. Love is something that can only come when you already have respect and care for someone not before. Like so many little girls who grow up to become women like myself I thought love was suppose to come first if you love someone then everything else will follow, How wrong I was. To bring it all home I would love to hopefully be apart of someones family and My daughter would be an excellent addition to any family so full of life and love she could brighten up and day for any one. I would love an opportunity to be able to love support a sister/sisters a husband and all the children. I would love to have the same for my little one who can offer so much. I would love an opportunity to be of meaning and be respected as a wife not just another girlfriend. I don't have a lot of experience but I would love the opportunity to learn and grow.

Age: 33
Body: average
Height: 5'6" (167cm)
Status: single

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