Really Indeed Of A Family Denver

Published date: September 2, 2017
  • Location: Denver, Colorado, United States

I have been in alot of relationships all of them ending in the same mannerism more or less. He cheated, Lied about cheating, Or just plain continuously lied and lied. I have done this over and over many times. My last few relationships ended with my supposed boyfriend leaving me or cheating on me with my supposed friend I was told i need better friends and I need to go out and do the dating thing again and find a better "man" . all things that I considered and did time after time and now as I am much older and have also reconciled with a few friends who after taking the advice of other dropped when my boyfriend cheated on me with them. I realise that what I want is not the same old same old but I really want and really need a family. I did a lot of research about polygamy I learned a lot but manly I could just imagine if my then boyfriend was a really good honest guy that he would never have to choose between myself and my friends but most of all my friend would become family like they always where to me at some point which is why I followed there advice be it good or bad. They would have probably had better advice as well when it came to relationship issues that I had. I may not be as perfect as someone who has lived it for several generation but I do know that this is for me and the only way for me. I need friends that understand and can be helpful and have my back in my relationship. I need a man that is strong honest and can talk to me about anything any time. I am ready to be apart of a family to help raise children to have a really marriage and to hopefully have children of my own i am not getting any younger and I need this stability, support, and respect in my life.

Age: 34
Body: curvy
Height: 5'6" (167cm)
Status: single

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