Stability for Me Sioux City

Published date: August 8, 2017
  • Location: Sioux City, Iowa, United States

I have been married and divorced my marriage didn't last a year. After that I have been through meaningless relationship after meaningless relationship. Boyfriend cheated, left for another women, lied to me, even had children with another women. No one was seriously looking for anything more. Every relationship had problems that revealed an underlying problem that led to the end. I looked to polygamy because nothing and I mean nothing worked. The main reason that I looked was because ever women that I have seen on t.v. and on the Internet or have read their articles on the subject have a lot of things in common but one thing that made them all happy was that they where constantly supported are giving respect and have stability. after short lived relationship after another and a failed marriage I really am looking for something that is stabile. When I first got married I thought it was going to be a life long partnership filled with love. But that stability and love could never be because the respect was never there. I realized that more than love respect understanding and care are all the things that instill a long and stable marriage. I would like a chance to be apart of that. My research is still continueing but polygamy is definitely in my life direction. I would love to learn and grow and thrive and belong in a family.

Age: 32
Body: average
Height: 5'4" (162cm)
Status: single

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